Friday, February 27, 2009

More Preschool Pics

Mismatch Day

School Picture Day

Happy 5th Birthday Kylia!

January 15th
Kylia decided to have a Barbie birthday this year.  As usual, we started the day with a birthday cinnamon roll...
...presents from Mom and Dad (an adventurer's backpack...perefect for Assateague!)...
...and of course Chuck E. Cheese with a few friends...It ended up being a snow day with no school so she got to have a few extra friends join us!

Medieval Times

Grandma and Grandpa treated Kylia (and the rest of us) to Medieval Times for her birthday. Mandolin and Mirabelle were also able to join us.   Kylia and Julia enjoyed dressing up for the occassion...
Erica wasn't too sure???
The birthday girl got a carnation from our Green Knight!
He-yaa!  Take that!

...and back to the house for cake and presents of course!


Christmas 2008 pics

A couple years ago we started the tradition of having Christmas Eve day at our house with the Reyes/VanRiper family and then everyone, except us, leaves late that night to travel to Woodstock. They wake up there on Christmas morning, and we can have Christmas morning at our house with just our family.  Shane tells the girls the Christmas Story, we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus with our traditional breakfast pizza...made by Mom early in the morning before anyone wakes up...and the girls open their gifts from us and the Waltmire side of the family.  Then we rush off to Grandma's and Grandpa's...

Erica's first Christmas...our Princess Baby!

Thank you Nannie!
Great Grandpa's newest great-granddaughters...
Can you believe it took us all day to finish opening presents?...can someone say "out of control!"  Thank you Mom and Dad/Grandma and spoil us!!!!
Cuddling with Uncle Shawn...
Are you kidding me?
Super Julia to the rescue! 
Visit to see Great Grandma.  Kylia is explaining so kindly why the bow is too big for her box and how the music box plays.