Monday, December 10, 2007

First Snow

We finally had our first real snow last week and Kylia didn't hesitate...

The North Pole

Last weekend Jeff, Carol, Cadence, Issac and Acacia Hubing joined us on the Oswego Express to the North Pole. We saw Santa, Mrs. Claus and
even some reindeer.


November 10-18th we had the awesome opportunity to travel to CA! Shane's family got together (thanks to his Mom) and spent 3 days at Disneyland, California Adventure Park and Knott's Berry Farm. We also had the chance to visit with some of my Dad's family that lived in the area and met some cousins for the first time! Here are lot's of pics!!!

Julia loved any ride that stayed on the ground, but her favorite was definitely the spinning ladybugs that even Grandpa took her on. (Did I mention... Grandma & Grandpa joined us too!)

Kylia thought the faster and higher the better, but her favorite was Its a Small World!

Thanks Nanny for a great trip!

Flower Girl

To add to the craziness of Julia's B-Day weekend...On Nov. 3rd Kylia had the honor of being a flower girl for the first time for a friend of mine who I worked with at the church. She loved every second from getting her hair done, to all the picture taking, to walking down the isle, to cutting it up on the dance floor at the reception!

Happy B-Day Julia!

November was a busy month for sure!

Starting November 3rd was Julia's 2nd BIRTHDAY!! It was a busy weekend, but we had a friends party on the 2nd and a birthday breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa on the 3rd.


October's excuse was that it's my busiest work time with the Missions Convention at the end of the month..but here are a few fall pics at Kuiper's Farm ...

...and our Halloween costumes for 2007 (the Pretty Kitty and puppy side kick).

Some catching up to do...

Sorry...has it really been 3 months?

I'll attempt to catch you all up ... and I promise you'll want to hear the latest Waltmire update!
Here I go...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of School

Kylia started preschool August 28th and couldn’t have been happier. Julia was a little less happy when she realized she had to stay at the babysitter’s by herself while Kylia was at school and Mom was at work. It was definitely hardest on Julia, but we tried to make it fun and sent her with her own Dora backpack with Bunny stuffed in one side pocket, sippy cup in the other and lots of fun snacks packed with her extra diapers and lunch!

Kylia ready to go with her new polka dot dress and Tinkerbell backpack!

Kylia walking Julia into the babysitter’s and Julia showing that she’s a big girl too with her backpack on!

Summer and Friends

So, I’m not very good at this blog thing, but here are a few glimpses from the last month of summer…

Kylia and Abbey Kuehner at her first birthday party that Mom didn’t stay too! Julia wasn’t happy to leave Kylia.

We have had fun getting together with baby Owen and little Olivia Montalto over the summer. On Labor Day our families adventured through Red Oak Nature Center and even found a small cave!
(*on a side note…Those of you who know the importance of Bunny to Julia would understand the anguish we all went through when Kylia suddenly exclaimed, “Julia threw Bunny into the water!” I turned to find Julia’s little hand and foot under the fence of the observation deck over the Fox River. After much anguish, Dad racing downstream, climbing precariously under the observation deck and sadly waving buh-bye to Bunny forever, we loaded up in the car to find Bunny snuggled safely at the bottom of Mom’s backpack. We still haven’t discovered what did get thrown into the river…just as long as it wasn’t beloved Bunny!!!! Bunny has now used 2 of its 9 lives...assuming bunnies get 9 lives too!)

Kylia and Julia with Cadence, Issac and Acacia Hubing.

Their mom and I have been best friends for almost 17 years now I think and it’s always fun when our families can get together! Julia and Acacia are only a couple months apart and we have already brainwashed them that they are “best friends forever.”

Kylia and Issac are also just a few months apart, and we can only hope :-) ...

Julia and her buddy at the babysitter's, Brody Skipworth, now that all their siblings are in school. Their dads are best friends so why shouldn't they be too!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Assateague Island Vacation Traditions

The girls have now joined in the traditional “Splash Picture”. However, it’s quite a milder splash than the true splash picture. The second tradition is the family picture at the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, Maryland (featured in Run Away Bride).


It was fun to see the girls enjoying being sisters. Julia always wants to "hold, hold" Kylia (in this case because she was cold). Of course whatever Kylia did…Julia followed suit. Kylia was also kind enough to let Julia participate in her show and share the spotlight. We weren't sure what inspired Kylia, but she suddenly began arranging her set and insisted everyone viewed her renditions of Ralph's World songs.

Auntie Max & Uncle Shawn

As always, the girls were the stars of the show when we went to visit the ABC 7 news set where Uncle Shawn works in Washington D.C.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Here I go...

This blog is in honor of my friend Lynne, who has just moved to China. I can't promise much, but I will do my best to post at least some pictures of the girls as they grow! Here they Waltmire's...