Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Easter!

Kylia loved the little gifts in her basket from Mom & Dad, but for Julia it was all about the chocolate!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Decorating Eggs

Kylia & Julia had a ton of fun this year coloring eggs...and themselves!

Easter Egg Hunt

We did something new...and a little different for our egg hunt this year. We went to the local grocery store at 7:30am the day before Easter and hunted for eggs down the aisles. Although they were just thrown along the floor, the girls didn't seem to care and loved all the chocolate! Kylia even won a special prize...a huge chocolate bunny!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Crafts

Another cold day...although tomorrow is the first day of Spring!! We had a fun craft morning painting, coloring, cutting and gluing Easter crafts!


We had the pleasure of spending the day with Issac and Acacia Hubing again this Saturday. Cute pictures with our best buddies are never to spare. It will be fun for them to see some day...although I suppose there may come a day when will Kylia & Issac start to be embarassed...nahh!


March 9
Unfortunately, once we arrived home from vacation, the girls came down with the respiratory flu. It was a week of fevers and another week of exhaustion, coughs & recovery. Why are they so cute when they're sick and passed out drooling with a fever?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Its a...

GIRL!   Yes, they think we are having another girl!  I can't say that we were too surprised.  Kylia was quick to name her Princess and exclaim that we are going to have 4 girls now in our family and "ONLY 1 BOY!" ... with a big grin!  Needless to say the girls are excited to have another sister and the baby in Mom's belly seems a little more real as we see more pictures and decide on  a name.  I was confirmed to be due on July 16th and so far a "normal" size baby.   HA!  We've heard that one before!

Roswell, New Mexico

February 23-March 1

We were lucky enough to get away from the cold for a week and visit Shane's family and hometown...Roswell, New Mexico! It was amazing to feel the 70 degree weather and sun on our faces. The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins and got to meet our their newest cousin, Breanna (3 weeks old), for the first time.

Thanks for the ice cream Nannie!

Kylia loved Uncle Jason's house...look real chickens & eggs!

We celebrated lots of birthdays, but no one was complaining about too much cake or ice cream!

Sisters...on a good day!

With these long Chicago winter days, things can get pretty monotonous. Every once and a while we have a day where there is no one better to play with then your sister!

Kylia's Birthday!

January 15th
Kylia's 4th birthday party was at Michael's craft store.  It was our first party not at our house and boy was it nice for Mom.  All Kylia's princess friends (and sister) came to help celebrate! Dad and Grandpa were the only boys allowed!  Thanks to all who joined us to make it such a special day!


Kylia & Julia's favorite sledding spot is Grandma & Grandpa's with Dad and Grandpa.  It's a beautiful winter wonderland of trees, hills and a long icy driveway!

Christmas 2007

I attest my lack of blogging this time to morning sickness. Believe it or not, using the computer made me extremely nauseous! Enough excuses, here's this first of some notable events over the past few months...CHRISTMAS!!!!