Thursday, August 2, 2007

Assateague Island Vacation Traditions

The girls have now joined in the traditional “Splash Picture”. However, it’s quite a milder splash than the true splash picture. The second tradition is the family picture at the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, Maryland (featured in Run Away Bride).


It was fun to see the girls enjoying being sisters. Julia always wants to "hold, hold" Kylia (in this case because she was cold). Of course whatever Kylia did…Julia followed suit. Kylia was also kind enough to let Julia participate in her show and share the spotlight. We weren't sure what inspired Kylia, but she suddenly began arranging her set and insisted everyone viewed her renditions of Ralph's World songs.

Auntie Max & Uncle Shawn

As always, the girls were the stars of the show when we went to visit the ABC 7 news set where Uncle Shawn works in Washington D.C.