Monday, September 14, 2009

JULY 8, 2009 Erica's 1st BIRTHDAY!

It's so nice to have a summer birthday. It was a week long of celebrating too!
July 4th we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa. Erica wasn't too sure about the whole candle thing and was quite frightened by the end!

The girls have made it a tradition now to go to lunch with just our family at Chuck E. Cheese on their actual birthday. Daddy meets us from work if he doesn't have the day off. So Erica's birthday was no different. Again, the cupcake was not a hit! And gift opening help from her sisters was frowned upon!

Then there was the big back yard bash...thankfully, the sun came out and all was well! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!


I vowed I'd never cut my daughters' hair short like my mom did...and then I had 3 girls!

Julia doesn't really care and it actually was Kylia's idea to cut it short. She's since cut it even shorter!

4th of July Picnic

The 4th of July picnic at church is always a big hit with the girls...and as always they love the pony rides (although they look a little concerned in this pic). Erica wanted nothing to do with the ponies, but she looked dog-on cute!

Cosley Zoo

One of our favorite places to visits when we lived in Wheaton was Cosley Zoo.

...and the same horse is always there...