Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Great Soccer Season

Kylia finished her soccer season in June.  She had a great team...they were little but actually pretty tough and a lot of fun to watch!
By the end of the season, Kylia found that defense was probably her best position.
She kept her eye on the ball and didn't let the size of the offense intimidate her.  (Note tall boy in white jersey with his leg pulled back to kick...the ball??)
(Nope!   Note Kylia bent over grabbing her calf and her coach running to catch her.)
She spent the final minutes of the season on the sideline with her first injury ...but she was tough!

Kylia's Graduation - May 30th

Kylia's last day of Pre-K was May 28th...
The official graduation was a few days later...

    Kylia's good friend...and only other girl in her class all year...Ava.
Kylia really loved her teacher, Miss Dotty, who will no longer be teaching at Prairie Pals.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oswego Prairiefest - June 19th

One of our favorite things to do during the summer is attend the Oswego Prairiefest during Father's Day weekend.  Face painting and pony rides are always the highlights (...unfortunately Erica was unable to enjoy either...but she was there with us!)

(Good friends...Jonathan & Jordan Hurst)

Starved Rock ... May 22-25th

We celebrated my birthday at Starved Rock and stayed at Grizzly Jack's indoor waterpark thanks again to Mom and Dad!

Thanks for coming Auntie Max!

Shane's B-Day, Mother's Day...and a final visit.

May 6th
It was a simple day...breakfast at IHOP...and a brownie cake on the patio with the girls!Later that weekend we celebrated with Mom, Dad & Grandpa.  The next day we all also celebrated Mother's Day.  This was our last time to be with Grandpa...and I'll never forget his encouraging words as I played on the floor with the girls.  He complemented me on how I interact with the girls so much and what a good mom he thought I was.  Grandpa passed away on May 17th.

Our Unique Little Girls


...enjoys the simple things in life...

                    "Look I can stand (April '09)!"
                   "Yes!  She left the tissue box next to the crib again!"
"Buckets are a great way to keep all your favorite toys away from your sisters."
                   "Are you seeing what I'm doing?  And aren't you impressed?"
                             "I just love being the baby...everything is sooo cute!"


...loves to create.
...doesn't worry about impressions....finds joy in lining things up.


...loves her perfect creations.
...rides in style. the big sister and little Mom. our ballerina.